Room Parents

Room parents act as a liaison between teacher(s) and students’ families.  Duties include: meeting with classroom teacher to plan for the year, deciding on appropriate budget, compiling an email list of classroom families, collecting classroom funds used for class parties, supplies and teacher(s) and classroom aide(s) gifts, sending announcements/reminders to families about V-OPA related events, supporting teachers in classroom parties, purchasing all gifts given by the class to teacher(s), aide(s) and specific classroom specialists (if applicable), coordinating happenings for Teacher Appreciation Week that are specific to a classroom.

Read about the guidelines, expectations and guidelines here as well as the Welcome Letter.

Leadership for Room Parents

A Room Parent Coordinator ensures all classrooms/teachers has at least one room parent volunteer and provide guidance/support for room parents throughout the year.  Duties of the coordinator includes recruiting room parent volunteers by (1) emailing an electronic sign up to all families (including new and in-coming families) in the summer (2) provide electronic sign up link to teachers to include in their letters to families (3) making announcements in the V-OPA newsletters and e-blasts (3) soliciting specific classes until all classrooms are covered.  In addition, one will compile a list of room parent contacts, send out Room Parent Guidelines and Sample Budget to all volunteers, email reminders for important events or activities throughout the year, provide support to room parents as needed.


Lisa Olaharski, Co-Chair


Stacey Meyer, Co-Chair