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The V-O MakerSpace is an inviting room where students can use materials to create and learn freely. It also serves as a meeting area for groups of students, teachers and/or parents. Volunteers sort donations, help out when co-chairs send out email request(s) for room upkeep or other improvements as the space is being utilized. The overall goal is to keep the room organized, areas accessible and supplies stocked to encourage the space to be used for classroom projects, learning and fun.


Leadership for MakerSpace

The co-chairs meet with the staff representative, administration and/or V-OPA co-presidents throughout the year to check in about what is needed for the space to be utilized by teachers; this is facilitated, when needed, by the V-OPA co-presidents and/or school staff. They also check in with teachers and students to form a wish-list, which is advertised through the newsletter.


Members of the MakerSpace Committtee


Chair Position Vacant