Science Park

V-O Science Park is the wooded area abutting the school along Johnson Road and Amberwood Drive.  Our Science Park is 7.5 acres of land with unique feature such as protected wetlands (the Green Turtle Trail) and the upper dry lands (the Red Bird Trail).  

Butterfly Garden

Butterfly Garden

We have been very grateful to the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, parents and community volunteers for helping to maintain the boardwalks and trails for the school and general use.

We also have a butterfly garden in the back of the school that was established by parents and Scouts as part of a Winchester Foundation for Educational Excellence (WFEE) grant in 2013.  We encourage the children, teacher & families to learn about butterflies and bees that help pollinate the Science Park.

Leadership for Science Park

The chair coordinates programming and maintenance for both Science Park and the Butterfly Garden. The chair recruits volunteers, teachers and community leaders to provide enrichment to all grade levels.


Karen Bolognese, Chair