Winchester Special Education - Parent Advisory Council

Winchester Special Education Parent Advisory Council provides parents and guardians with information about developments in special education; their rights and responsibilities; opportunities to network with other parents of children with special needs; legal, scientific, and technological developments; and avenues to affect the quality of special education services in Winchester, Massachusetts.



  • A state-mandated group of parents and guardians who work with teachers, administrators, and the School Committee to provide:
  • Opportunities for caregivers of children with special needs to share tips, advice and support
  • Opportunities for caregivers and educators to learn about special education, including the laws and regulations that protect a child receiving services under an individualized education plan (IEP);
  • Information about resources available to help children be successful, including educational materials, national support groups, speakers, technical assistance, enrichment activities, and professional services.
  • Avenues for caregivers to participate in the development and evaluation of Winchester's special education programs.

The vision of WIN-PAC

  • To be a vital community asset for all families
  • To identify and fund district-wide best practices in our schools
  • To encourage an increased appreciation for diversity throughout Winchester

Leadership for WIN-PAC

The liaison assists parents at Vinson-Owen who have questions or concerns and brings them to WIN-PAC's leadership.


Christina Andersen, Liaison