Newsletter Submissions Instructions

  1. Submissions for the newsletter can be submitted NO LATER than 5pm on Friday. If your submission comes in on Saturday or Sunday, it will go into the newsletter for the following week. If we make exceptions to one committee, then we need to make them to more, and before we know it, we are working on the newsletter 7 days a week. We understand that things comes up, but we can not be expected to work on the newsletter all day Saturday and Sunday due to late submissions.  

  2. Question about your submission, email the newsletter team.

  3. You can submit your text on the form below. You can also send us documents with text and pictures. We ask that all submissions be in the following formats:

    • Word docs for text

    •  jpegs for graphics and pictures

  4. Please do NOT send us an already made PDF of a flyer or announcement, unless you want us to simply have the newsletter link to it. We cannot insert PDFs into the newsletter. The CRM systems we use, Constant Contact, does not allow us to to drop PDFs or graphics directly into its systems, nor can we cut and paste into our newsletter. Therefore, if you send us a PDF, we have to re-type/recreate your document, re-format your images and/or create a link to your document on the V-O website,  which doesn't give us control over the size of the text and images.

  5. We realize you are trying to help us by sending us the final version of your documents. And we appreciate it! But it actually causes problems for us and results in hours of re-formatting things in order to "make it work" with Constant Contact. 

  6. Three weeks in a row in the newsletter is the max for a submission. Running the same info 5+ weeks in a row gets old and people begin to just ignore it. If you would like to rejuvenate your block with new images and copy, that is more effective.