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Vinson-Owen School Directory

Vinson-Owen uses a secure, online directory to help families and students within our school community stay in touch. Only current faculty and staff have access to the online directory.

***The directory information MAY NOT BE USED for solicitation.***

Access to the Directory

  • You access the directory on your computer at, click on “Login”, enter your email and password (there is a Forgot my password option).

  • If you prefer to access the directory on your phone or tablet, go to your app store and search for and download the MySchoolAnywhere app. Enter your email and password (there is a Forgot my password option).

Class and Grade Lists

You can print your own lists by teacher and by grade. Select Print and then use the pull-down menus to select a teacher’s name or a grade. Printed lists include:

  • Student’s Name and Grade

  • Teacher’s Name (if viewing the entire grade)

  • Parents’ Names

  • Cell and Home Phone Numbers (if supplied)

  • Email Addresses (if supplied)

Note: If you need mailing addresses, you must look up the students individually. Please be patient with this limited functionality as it is meant to protect users from having their addresses exported on lists and used for solicitation.

Prefer Paper?

Although you can print your own lists, if you’ve tried the online version, and you still need a full printed copy, you can order one in the online store on the site for $5.

Summer Timing

The summer is a busy time for updating the directory. We apologize for periods of time during the month of August where information may appear to be incomplete or in-transition. By the end of August, we should have the correct school-year information available in the directory each year.

Leadership for the Vinson-Owen School Directory

The co-chairs oversee the promotion of students to the next grade level, remove students who have graduated, and add incoming kindergartners. They also work with the school to assign class rosters, update faculty and staff, and contact new families.


Jennifer Perry, Chair