Field Day

Field Day is a fun-filled event for all students as they rotate through a number of stations, traveling as a class, from dunking their teachers, parents, and the principal, to competing to score goals and keep the hula hoop going. One of the highlights from the day is the SLUSH! This three hour event is held on the field in front of Vinson-Owen and is only able to happen thanks to the many volunteers, teachers and administrators.

Parents can be involved on-site by choosing a station to volunteer at or they can be involved before Field Day by volunteering to fill water balloons or making signage for the day. Come volunteer and be a part of this very exciting tradition. If you are very brave, you can volunteer to be dunked in the tank!

Leadership for Field Day

Field Day Co-Chairs assist the PE teacher in creating a fun day for teachers, students and parents. They are responsible for ordering the Dunk Tank for Dunk-A-Dad, the Slush, checking in with the PE teacher regarding necessary supplies that might need to be ordered, and confirming lunch options for the day. The Co-Chairs must communicate with the newsletter editors to get out news blasts and blocks in the newsletter to promote volunteers signing up to help make the day a success. 


Tara Salvietti, Co-Chair


Co-Chair Position Vacant