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Fifth Grade

Opportunities for leadership, community service and social engagement abound. These special activities and programs aimed exclusively for the 5th grade students make this end-of-the-elementary-school year memorable.

Fifth Grade is a fun-filled year at all the Winchester elementary schools. There are so many ways to make this year special for our kids, and it requires a lot of participation from parents.  And a lot of fundraising too.

Fifth Grade Events

These events are a wonderful way to cap off their elementary school years and are really enjoyed by the kids.

  • A day at the Project Adventure facility

  • A pool party at the Lexington Pool

  • A moving up ceremony

  • Each student receives a year book & a video of K-5 memories

  • Fifth graders have an opportunity to participate in Mentor night

  • Each student receives a class t-shirt that can be worn on field trips, project adventure and field day.

Leadership Opportunities

In addition to these end-of-year celebrations, the fifth grade class is a leader in the school and takes on more responsibility.  Here are some of the opportunities fifth graders have to lead:

  • Being a buddy to the kindergarten classes.

  • Assist Kindergarten teachers in classroom.

  • Plan, organize and speak at all-school assemblies

  • Participate in the student council

Community Service

The 5th graders also participate in multiple community service projects throughout the year, including:

  • Running some of the games at the annual Fall Festival

  • Delivering the Thanksgiving baskets to the Woburn food pantry

  • Making Valentine cards for a local nursing home.

  • Donating and packaging snacks for the Arlington EATS program

  • Spring clean-up at Wright-Locke FArm

  • Donating “Spare Change” to a voted on class charity.

  • PMC for kids


The Fifth Grade Committee is a self- funded program within V-OPA. In order for these wonderful events to happen you have to have successfully fundraised. Some fundraising opportunities might be an Election Day bake sale, selling cash calendars or a parking spot raffles.

Leadership for Fifth Grade

The chair of the Fifth Grade committee recruits parents for subcommittees and provides overall leadership for the activities and programs.


Robin Ketterer, Co-Chair


Jenn Rich, Co-Chair